List of projects that I am proud of

JalPravah 🌊

Developed an award winning web mobile application for the Ministry of Power, India at Smart India Hackathon 2020 to detect probable floods and notify users near the respective dam.

⚡ Tech stack

FLASK, AWS, Vue, Numpy, Redis, Flutter

🌎 Check it out →CROSSS-Coders/LN379_CROSSSCoders

🌎 Check it out →

Secupass 🔒

Followed MVC project structure and built authorization from scratch with highest level of security and data protection in mind.

⚡ Tech stack

Cryptography, Bootstrap4, Laravel, MySQL

🌎 Check it out →pushpak1300/Secupass

🌎 Check it out →

Patient Plus 👨‍⚕️

Community healthcare discussion forum built at ERR_404 hackathon.

⚡ Tech stack

Bootstrap4, Laravel, sqlite , flask, Dialogflow

🌎 Check it out →pushpak1300/PatientPlus

UFO Fit Gym 🏋️

Unicorn Gym and UFO gym landing page.

⚡ Tech stack

CSS, Bootstrap 4, Jquery

🌎 Check it out →

IT Bot 🤖

Built telegram based chat-bot which sends lab manuals and assignments to the user on request without accessing college server using web crawler which crawls through the server at specific crons and stores files on G-Drive.

⚡ Tech stack

Python, Telegram-API, Scrapy, sqlite

🌎 Check it out →pushpak1300/SEITbot

🌎 Check it out →


Customise your CNN like never before -A web-app for training, labelling and deploying image classification model on AWS.

⚡ Tech stack

FLASK, AWS, Tenserflow-Keras, Bootstrap

🌎 Check it out →cascoders/


IOT based Water Quality Monitoring System

⚡ Tech stack

Blynk, Arduino,

🌎 Check it out →pushpak1300/wqms

Collegr ERP Portal 🏫

Developed a full-fledged college department management website for FRCRCE to accomplish various activities in an efficient manner.

⚡ Tech stack

Python, Telegram-API, Scrapy

🌎 Check it out →pushpak1300/frcrce-laravel

NicePods 🎙️

Developed a Podcast playlist review mobile-app using Ionic-Vue and Firebase.

⚡ Tech stack

Ionic, Vue, Firebase

🌎 Check it out →pushpak1300/nicepods

Nodegit-lts-Alpine 🐳

Docker image with prebuilt Nodegit package and node lts alpine.

⚡ Tech stack

Docker, bash